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Apr 20

Can You Run Your IT Organization Like Facebook's?

Posted by tomhoff in Tim CamposFacebookComputerWeeklyCloud ComputingCIO UKBusiness Intelligence


In a recent interview with CIO UK, Facebook CIO Tim Campos discusses the company's strategy for moving as much of its IT operations as possible into the cloud. In fact, roughly 70 percent of Facebook's internal IT activities are now managed and operated in cloud-based environments, according to the article. The types of applications and activities that Facebook currently does not operate out of the cloud are things like business intelligence because, as Campos sees it, "the technology is just not there yet."

Jan 22

Making Sense of Google's Leadership Changes

Posted by tomhoff in twitterleadershipLarry PageGrouponGoogleFacebookEric SchmidtCIOCEO


Since Google co-founder Larry Page took the reins as CEO from Eric Schmidt on Jan. 20, there's been no shortage of speculation as to why the changes were made now, what this means for Schmidt's own future and what the changes portend for the world's leading search company.

One thing that is clear is that Page steps into the role at a time when Google is being pressed by shareholders to return to its innovative roots and suppress growing competition from companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Groupon.

Nov 23

Recovering Online Social Media Info After Death

Posted by groenfeldt in social mediaonline communitiesFacebook


A Madison, WI startup has dedveloped an application for individuals or thier estates to recover their online information after they die.

Mike Klein and Brian Canin wrote it up at WTN News recently:

Sep 20

Facebook Joining Smartphone Battle?

Posted by rgarretson in iPhoneGoogleFacebookblackberryAppleAndroid


Facebook moved quickly to quash reports over the weekend that it was secretly building its own mobile phone to blunt the increasing power of the iPhone and Android platforms. But the fuss appears to be a largely semantic one. Facebook is clearly trying to weave the popular social network into the fabric of mobile society. And in doing so it appears headed straight into the ongoing battle for mobile supremacy currently raging among Apple, Google, RIM, Microsoft and others.

Attempting to refute the report on gadget website TechCrunch that Facebook is “building the software for the phone and working with a third party to actually build the hardware,” Facebook spokeswoman Jaime Schopflin told the Wall Street Journal's Digits blog that the company is simply working on "deep integration" intended "to make all phones and apps more social.”

Sep 13

Police warn of social networking link in robberies

Posted by caragarretson in Social NetworkingrobberiesNashuaFacebookburglaries


Sometimes it's not such a great idea to let everyone in your social network know where you are, or where you aren't.

According to an article on, criminals in Nashua, N.H., this summer targeted homes to be robbed based at least in part on the location status posted by the home owners on social networking sites like Facebook.

Sep 06

Put away the screens, get out, meet someone new

Posted by groenfeldt in twittersocial networksisolationFacebookcommunity

John Gurda, a Milwaukee historian, had an interesting take in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel the other day on technology and social community, something I have written about  here a few times in the past. Recalling a weekly summer Sunday concert series which a street car company launched in the late 19th century to spur business on an extension of its line, he noted that 6,000 Milwaukee residents would turn out to listen to a local band. This was, he adds, in the era before widespread use of such technology as air conditioning or TV.

The park brought people together as they escaped the heat of their homes for the breeze of a lakeside park.

Think the iPhone gained market share fast? Gurda quotes Robert Putnam ,author of "Bowling Alone," on television's rise from 10 percent market penetration in the US in 1950 to 90 percent in 1959. "Practically overnight, viewing became far and away the nation's leading leisure-time 'activity.' "

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