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Jul 29

The Post Microsoft-Yahoo Pact Blues

Posted by meggebrecht in YahooSteve BallmerMicrosoftCarol Bartzbing


Now that it's finally happened, does anyone else feel like the search ad deal struck by Microsoft and Yahoo is a bit anticlimactic?

Not that there are any real surprises in the agreement announced this morning: Microsoft will provide Yahoo's search backbone, while Yahoo will be the heavy-lifter in sales. Bing will get a big boost in search volumes, while Yahoo gets a $500 million bump in operating income and some $200 million in cost-savings.

Jul 17

Microsoft and Yahoo: Just Get It Done

Posted by meggebrecht in YahooSteve BallmerMicrosoftGoogleCarol Bartzbing


Can’t Microsoft and Yahoo get together already? After talking and talking and talking, Microsoft and Yahoo are reportedly on the verge of finally forging a search advertising alliance.

According to AllThingsDigital, top Microsoft execs are in Silicon Valley today, hammering out the final details, and a deal could be announced as early as next week.

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