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Jan 05

Featured CIOs in the CIOZone

Posted by Bill Gerneglia in Untagged 

Bill Gerneglia

 The following are selected excerpts from CIOs that have recently spoken with Roger Green, Executive Editor from the The full video interviews are available in the CIOZone Video Library.


Tony Scott - CIO, Microsoft :

"I think there is going to be a real war for talent in IT. You know, we had a world -- the world I grew up in, you had the big consulting firms shedding people with good project experience and good training and all that sort of stuff. And that model has kind of blown up over  the last several years. And so if you ask yourself, "Where's the next generation of good  project managers going to come from?" It's not clear. When we look at the number of people entering the profession, or interested in joining our profession, it's not so rosy a picture, I'm afraid."

 See the full interview here


Rebecca Jacoby  - Sr. VP and CIO, Cisco:

“The role of the CIO isn’t necessarily strictly to be a technologist – it’s to use technology … it’s critical to have that operations thinking.”

“The role of the CIO is really about change … in an industry that is changing. The job ( of CIO) now and forever is going to require people that are comfortable with driving a consistent change proposition for the value of the enterprise.”

“Bringing the communication technologies and the business process technologies together is very, very important in terms of the way we view our jobs in IT today."

 See the full interview here


Peter Whatnell  - CIO, Sunoco:

"Flat is the new up" I heard someone say. Even where cost reduction pressures have relaxed, a lot of the strategies we talked about server and desktop virtualization, moving to on-line services for example about are still relevant.

Although cost drivers may have started the move to new delivery models, I think that it has built a momentum that will carry the change forward beyond the recession. There is no going back."

See the full interview here


Dave Benson - CIO, Progress Software:

"A growing trend is that more CIOs are truly being asked to play the role of COO and help to drive process improvement and process optimization. To develop the IT platform that's aligned with the business strategy, the business culture, the business structure, to be able to provide efficient processes across the enterprise."

See the full interview here



Mark Egan - CIO, VMware:

"With the "cloud" we're really on a journey to something new and better where we can be more agile, more flexible and cost effective. This is something that we, as IT professionals have been struggling with. Sixty to seventy percent of our costs have been in just keeping the business running, where we've really only been able to spend a small portion of our staff and money on new innovative things. What if we could change that and spend sixty to seventy percent of our staff and money on innovation? That would be an environment that would be very compelling for IT as an industry."


See the full interview here

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