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Mar 19

Apple Working Out iPad Details as Pre-sales Climb

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Apple has racked up hundreds of thousands of iPad orders since the tablet computer went on pre-sale March 12, according to the Wall Street Journal. That's more or less in line with estimates from earlier this week, although some analysts had suggested that sales had slowed dramatically after a burst of 120,000 on day one.

As noted by Flurry earlier this week, it took Apple 74 days to sell 1 million iPhones. One of the Journal's sources said that the iPad could actually outperform the iPhone's first three months of sales. Considering the devices' difference in price, those kinds of numbers would certainly count as an early success.

Estimates have been all over the place for the iPad, which will finally end up in the hands of users April 5, with estimates ranging from 1 million to 4 million tablets sold this year.

But even with the launch date right around the corner, Apple is still hashing out content deals for the iPad, according to the Journal. While Apple has had big ambitions for using the iPad as a platform for content delivery -- and some have seen it as a potential savior for newspapers and magazines -- it's had trouble getting content providers on board.

And even publishers like Conde Nast, which plans to offer some of its titles on the device, are declining to throw their full support behind the iPad. While some publishers and TV producers are hesitant because they worry about the threat to their current revenue sources, in Conde Nast's case, part of the concern is based on the iPad's lack of Flash support.

Conde Nast CEO Chuck Townsend told All Things Digital late last month that his company will have two different development tracks for digital versions of its magazines "until the relationship between Apple and Adobe is clear."

Many publishers use Flash to showcase their multimedia content, added the Journal, and it's also an underlying technology for Internet ads. Which means that they would really like to see Apple start to play nice with Adobe.

Meanwhile, HP's forthcoming tablet, which will support Flash and is being positioned as an alternative to the iPad, could launch as early as June, if you believe Spanish Web site Clipset, which claims to have gotten the information direction from HP.

When the tablet comes out in Europe in September, it will be priced at 400 euros, according to Clipset. That translates to $540, but as Engadget notes, companies don't usually price their wares using direct currency translations. So there's still a chance that the cheapest HP Slate will come in under the iPad's $499 starting price.

Either way, it looks like the two tablets will be battling it out before too long.
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Sean Wilkins
written by Sean Wilkins, March 20, 2010
This will be something interesting to watch because of the deployment of so much flash on many top websites. Who wants to surf without the ability to use so many sites? There was so good news that Apple plans to implement multitasking in their next version of iPhone software which will hopefully then be implemented on the iPad.


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