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Aug 03

Apple Tablet Will Make Your Bed

Posted by meggebrecht in TabletApple


It turns out that the Apple tablet is an amazing development platform. At least, that's according to a friend of a friend.

I report this to you in all honesty. Yes, Barron's published Monday the first -- anonymous -- account of an actual tablet sighting, but I'm telling you that I spoke to a person who spoke to a person who has developed software for the iPhone's big brother.

OK, that's not quite true. This friend of a friend, who will remain anonymous, actually said that the tablet "will be" an amazing platform. He hasn't actually seen it, or touched it, or smelled it. So how he knows this, considering the existence of the device is still somewhat in question -- sorry, Barron's -- is beyond me. Mac tablet fever has been in full bloom since the spring and yet we still know so little about the illness.

According to Barron's, we'll know a lot more in September, when Apple will officially announce a 10-inch tablet computer that, well ... does something. And in hi-def!

What do we think we know? The Financial Times turned up the dial on the frenzy last week by saying we'll be able to buy the tablet before the holidays. Then the music industry rumors surfaced, with the word that Apple is working with the record labels on project Cocktail, which apparently entails a whole new way to experience albums. Interactive liner notes will no doubt look excellent in high-definition, but will it save the industry? Hmm.

There's also the possibility that the iSavior will squash Amazon's budding Kindle business and serve as the ultimate vehicle for portable video and gaming. It'll also teach you Japanese if you ask nicely.

The price appears to have dropped from as high as $1,000 down to $699 or $799 -- all without Apple raising a hand.

I don't mean to suggest that there's nothing to all this. With this level of hype, there's bound to be a "there" there. But given the amount of hype Apple itself will unleash next month if the rumors are true, can't we wait to be inundated? Silly question, I know.
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written by John Merrill2, August 06, 2009
Whatever it is, Jobso has been dicking with it for years. It will be wonderful, just like Apple TV

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