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May 09

The Big Network Virtualization Question - Cisco ACI Or VMWare NSX

Posted by anand074 in VMwareVirtualizationNetworkingCisco


For long, Cisco has been an undisputed leader in networking while VMWare (acquired by EMC which has in turn been acquired by Dell) has been the leading provider of virtualization software and services. Over the past couple of years though, network virtualization has pitted these two technology companies against each other. Cisco ACI (Application-Centric-Infrastructure) is the company's foray into network virtualization that happened after its acquisition of Insieme, a company that Cisco previously funded. VMWare's horse in the race is NSX, a product that was created after merging their vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) with Network Virtualization Platform (NVP) that the company acquired from Nicira.

May 19

Google Shows Off Chrome Web Store, App Engine for Enterprises

Posted by meggebrecht in VMwareVic GundotraSundar PichaiSteve HerrodGoogle App Engine for BusinessGoogleChrome


Thanks in large part to the raging success of the Apple App Store, application marketplaces are an integral part of every mobile platform these days. But an  app store announced by Google Wednesday at its annual developer conference adds a new twist to the model. Launching later this year, Google's Chrome Web Store will offer up online applications through its browser and forthcoming operating system.

"We believe it should be easier for users to discover Web apps and for developers to reach a large audience," said Erik Kay, lead software engineer at Google, on the company's Chromium Blog.

Apr 26

VMForce: Enterprise Development-Platform Evolved

Posted by RMatthewGee in VMwaresoftware developmentsocial networkssocial mediaSalesforce.comFacebookdeveloper

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Today, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, and Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware, combined forces (pun intended) to release VMForce, the first enterprise cloud for Java developers. Specifically, the VMForce vision is an enterprise-grade Java development platform which will speed development time-to-market fivefold and reduce development costs by 50%. According to today's webcast, Java is the #1 enterprise application development language, authored by over six million developers.

There are multiple implications from today's webcast, both internally and externally, for and VMWare. In fact, the list that I started to compile during the call is already at four entries. I'll save three in my blog quiver, as I want to focus on the social-enterprise transition that is occurring - and that has now been solidified by today's announcement.

Dec 18

Virtualized SMBs More Effective: Survey

Posted by meggebrecht in VMwareVirtualizationSMBs


Small and medium-sized businesses that are using virtualization are more likely to see their IT department as a well-oiled machine than those that aren't, according to a new survey.

OK, so the survey, which was conducted by Bredin Business Information, was sponsored by VMware, which isn't exactly known to downplay the benefits of virtualization. But the results are striking. And VMware will likely use them to help combat the still lingering perception at some SMBs that virtualization is primarily for big organizations.

May 21

VMware Rolls Out ‘Cloud’ OS

Posted by meggebrecht in vSphereVMwareVirtualizationCloud Computing


VMware made the new version of its virtualization platform available yesterday, as the virtualization powerhouse muscles into cloud computing. vSphere 4, which VMware is pitching as the "first cloud operating system," was officially announced last month, but the company has been making noise about the product (a replacement for VM Infrastructure) since last year.

Prices run from $166 to $3,495 per processor for vSphere, which VMware says transforms a data center into an "internal private cloud." And the company is offering a free, 60-day download.

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