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Aug 24

Samsung Could Launch First iPad Rival

Posted by meggebrecht in SamsungiPadGoogle AndroidGalaxy TabDell StreakApple


If you're keeping score, Apple's iPad may soon be competing against high-profile tablets from HTC, Cisco, Research In Motion and Motorola -- and at least one HP device. But almost half a year has passed since the iPad hit the market and we still don't have a firm date for any of these devices. Now, Samsung could be ready to offer just that, as the manufacturer has put up a flashy video promising to introduce a 7-inch Google Android tablet at a Sept. 2 event in Berlin.

Until now the device, dubbed the Galaxy Tab, has been the subject of a number of rumors (as has basically every other potential device out there). And admittedly, the video doesn't offer much in the way of details. It will run on the 2.2 version of Android -- or Froyo -- and allows for video calling, e-reading and HD movie playback, and it will offer support for Flash.

Aug 23

Tech Sector Struggles to Groom Leaders?

Posted by meggebrecht in Technology SectorTechnology LeadershipRobert FulmermanagementBryon Hanson


To keep pace in a rapidly shifting industry, technology companies need young and technical-minded employees who are eager to innovate. But are they the kind of staffers who make good managers, or are tech companies -- many of which are young themselves -- setting themselves up for leadership troubles?

That's a question asked by Robert Fulmer and Bryon Hanson -- academic director and managing director of Duke University's corporate education affiliate, respectively -- in an Aug. 23 Wall Street Journal article. Their conclusion? Tech companies that don't address the issue will eventually pay, both in company defections and in an inability to fill top spots.

Aug 19

A Surprise Wedding for Intel and McAfee

Posted by meggebrecht in McAfeeIntelForrester


In a deal that few saw coming, chipmaker Intel has announced plans to tie the knot with McAfee, bringing the security software vendor into the fold for $7.68 billion.

The mantra repeated today by Intel and McAfee officials alike is "energy-efficient performance, Internet connectivity and security," which will now make up the three prongs of Intel's business. As a result of the deal, software from McAfee, which will operate as a division of Intel's software and services group, will be integrated into an array of the company's chips.

Aug 18

Google Chrome Tablet Ready for Black Friday?

Posted by meggebrecht in VerizonTabletiPadHTCGoogleChrome OSAndroid


A Chrome OS-based tablet made by HTC will be offered through Google's new best friend Verizon starting on Nov. 26, according to a new report (or rumor, as the case may be).

Citing an unnamed source, AOL's Download Squad blog says that the new tablet will run on an NVidia Tegra 2 chip, and will feature a 1280x720 screen, 2GB of RAM, at least a 32 GB SSD, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. There's a lot missing among that handful of details, however. For one, why will the tablet run on Chrome OS and not the Android platform? And if it's running on a cloud-based OS, do you really need 32 GB of memory?

Aug 17

BlackBerry Torch Sees Lackluster Sales

Posted by meggebrecht in Torch 9800Research In MotionblackberryAT&T


What numbers did Research In Motion need to reach in the first weekend that its next-generation touchscreen phone, the BlackBerry Torch 9800, was available? It's a good question, but the answer is not, apparently, 150,000 phones.

That sales estimate comes from analysts at RBC Capital Markets and Stifel Nicolaus, which were not wowed by the performance. Goldman Sachs called the launch "underwhelming," according to the Wall Street Journal. And while it's hardly a fair comparison -- given that RIM is counting on enterprises ordering the phone in bulk, which isn't likely to happen right out of the gate -- Apple sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s in its first three days. Verizon sold 300,000 Droid X phones, running through its stock in the first week.

Aug 16

Verizon iPhone Would Shake Market

Posted by meggebrecht in VerizonMotorolaiPhoneHTCGoogleAT&TAppleAndroid


Rumors that Apple is ready to end its exclusive contract with AT&T by bringing the iPhone to a rival carrier are nearly as old as the smartphone itself. As AT&T customers have grown more and more annoyed with the dubious performance of the carrier's network, the rumors have gotten louder. When a move finally becomes more than rumor, the fallout will be huge, says a new survey.

At the end of June, Bloomberg reported that Verizon Wireless will begin offering the iPhone in January. The article was -- reasonably enough -- viewed with suspicion because: a) we've heard this story more than once; b) the sources were the super-vague "two people familiar with" Apple's plans; and c) to run on the Verizon network, Apple would need to develop a CDMA iPhone, which is a touch more work than simply offering the same GSM model  through T-Mobile -- which has also been repeatedly rumored.

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