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Nov 30

The Cybersecurity Needs of the Borderless Enterprise

Posted by gami1996 in securityCybersecurityborderless enterprise


A borderless nation would be extremely difficult to defend, to the point of rendering the idea unthinkable. The same can be said about borderless enterprises, except in that case the idea isn't unthinkable. In fact, borderless enterprises are becoming the rule, not the exception.

In a borderless enterprise, the traditional security perimeter no longer exists. Organizations are now faced with the task of securing highly virtualized IT environments that embrace cloud, mobile and social computing and server virtualization. At the same time, the emerging trend of software-defined networks (SDN) means that computing networks, like applications and infrastructure, are becoming ever more virtualized.

Dec 16

The Rise of the Cloud: What's Happening Around the Globe?

Posted by epearlman in securitypublic cloudprivate cloudCloud ComputingAccenture

 In 2009 the Accenture Institute for High Performance surveyed business leaders from 669 large organizations in nine countries and over 20 industries about their use and plans for cloud computing. The results were just released in a report entitled "Cloudrise: Rewards and Risks at the Dawn of Cloud Computing " written by Jeanne Harris and Allan Alter.


It wasn't a surprise that security is the number one concern of executives, but there were some other significant results, including the following:

Nov 10

Security Company Awards Cash to Bug Finders

Posted by caragarretson in vulnerabilitysecurityMozillaGooglebug bountyBarracuda


Security vendor Barracuda Networks is jumping on the ‘bug bounty' bandwagon, offering rewards to researchers who can identify vulnerabilities in the company's firewall and Web filtering products.


Oct 13

Pentagon Launches New Security Command -- Details are Classified

Posted by groenfeldt in securityPentagonDODCybersecurity


Maybe I missed the US coverage, but the Financial Times surprised me with news of USCybercom, America's Cyber Command.

I have written about Richard Clarke, the former anti-terrorism chief under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who wrote about the dangers to the US in his new book, Cyber War.

Sep 20

Google Apps Gets Two-Step Authentication

Posted by caragarretson in two-step authenticationsecurityGoogle AppsGooglecloudAtmosphere conference


During its Atmosphere conference on cloud computing that's  being held in Paris this week, Google announced plans to make its Google Apps offering more secure by adding two-step authentication.

Security is believed to be the No. 1 concern facing businesses that are contemplating moving their data, applications, or both to the cloud. Cloud providers are attempting to quell these concerns by adding security technology to their offerings, hoping to convince customers that data stored in the cloud is just as secure as if it was stored in house.

Jul 15

Feds focus on American information security

Posted by groenfeldt in securityRussiansLatviacyberwarChinese


A few months ago I wrote about Richard Clarke's book Cyber War on the vulnerability of the information systems in the U.S., from defense contractors to electric utilities to corporate intellectual property.

Recently the Wall Street Journal carried a report that the federal government is launching a new program to detect cyber assaults on individuals and companies running critical infrastructure, such as electricity.

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