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Mar 08

Higher Job Performance Linked to Honesty, Humility

Posted by tomhoff in narcissistjob performancehumilityhonestyBaylor University


The more honest and humble an employee is, the better their job performance is likely to be, according to a recent study conducted by Baylor University.

The Baylor researchers and a business consultant they worked with surveyed 269 employees across 25 different companies in 20 states who work in positions that provide healthcare to "challenging" clients. Supervisors of the employees in the study rated the job performance of each employee across 35 different job skills and also described the type of customer the employee worked with. The ratings were included to help senior management how the employees were performing and also to help the Baylor researchers determine which personality variables could be associated with job performance ratings.

Jun 21

What Do Good Bosses Do?

Posted by epearlman in mistakesmanagementleadershumilitygood bossconfidencebad boss

We've all learned valuable management lessons from the mistakes of BP's chief executive Tony Hayward. Hayward has made a science out of putting his foot in his mouth and claiming ignorance of most matters that took place under his watch. It's certainly not easy being a leader when disaster strikes, but his ineptness and insensitivity makes me think he was probably not a very good leader even before the oil spill occurred.


One of my favorite management experts, Robert Sutton, Professor of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, is currently working on a book called "Good Boss, Bad Boss" (coming out in September). In a recent blog at Harvard Business Review, Sutton listed 12 key beliefs held by the best bosses. It's a great list and I recommend reading them all , but I'll focus on just a few of my favorites here:

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