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TOPIC: "I'm the most loyal employee money can buy"
Re:"I'm the most loyal employee money can buy" 7 Years ago Karma: 4  
Ciony - I agree with you 100 % in a perfect world. But the reality is that very little of Corporate America is lead by true, visionary leaders. For the most part what I see has been short sighted, hit and run management styles coming into my workplace over the last 10 years. It is rare that any senior management has any real technical vision that they feel passionate about or who can project that passion on to the workforce. By the time they have completed the reorgs, put metrics in place, and alienated the employees, the corporation has become impatient and the new "leaders' have moved on.
Sadly, employees have been told too much that they must manage their careers, that they are out for themselves rather than being part of group with a single, focused purpose.
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Re:"I'm the most loyal employee money can buy" 7 Years ago Karma: 1  
searley - I share your sentiments. My point was that in most cases employees should not delude themselves with the notion of company loyalty, but should instead seek to align themselves with the best leaders they can to achieve any measure of loyalty...regrettably, as you point out, great leaders are also in short supply but you are more likely to hit a target if you at least know what you are aiming for. If an organization lacks leaders who can inspire personal loyalty, then that organization is merely going to be a cycle of frustration in myriad forms for an employee, and they should actively seek opportunities elsewhere; easier said than done in a tough economic climate, but it is important for employees to remember they always have a choice and responsibility in managing their career. I have stayed in sub-par corporate environments when other opportunities presented themselves out of loyalty to specific leaders, and that loyalty was returned; you will know it when you have it. These relationships pay dividends over the course of a career if not always in the short term, so seek them out. We should also all seek to be the kind of leader who inspires that loyalty in our own staff, even if we don't receive it from our own leaders - break the chain of dysfunction.
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Re:"I'm the most loyal employee money can buy" 3 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 0  
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