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Can You Do Everything?
Written by Margaret Meloni

Can you do everything? If you can, please stop reading and start writing. Please reply to with your secret, right away. I know the rest of us would benefit from your expertise.

But just in case none of you respond, let’s talk about asking for help.

Do you mind when someone asks you for help? If a co-worker is overwhelmed or needs assistance, would you rather watch them freak out from stress or would you rather help? Most of us do not mind being asked for help and in fact even like it. And yet, many times we hesitate to ask others for help. Why? Fear.

Fear of looking weak. Fear of looking ignorant or unintelligent. Fear of rejection. Fear of embarrassment and maybe even fear of sharing success. These fears are playing on our insecurities and our ego. Yet we know logically, that we like it when others ask for our help. But remember, we are discussing a fear, which is an emotion and not bound by logic.

What would it look like if we forgot about the fear?

We could be role models for others, by showing leadership through reaching out for assistance. It takes more strength to be vulnerable than it does to lead by ego. We could draw others closer to us by admitting that we do not know everything. By requesting help we may become more approachable and instead of rejection, we might experience acceptance. When we are smart enough to recognize that we need help, we prove that we are not ignorant.

Still not convinced?

What if we learned something new? What if our working relationships became stronger and our network of trusted associates grew? That sounds good. Maybe some of us would stop applying self-imposed pressure to excel, mistakenly assuming that we must do so completely on our own. And just maybe we would experience less stress and more joy.

So remember, recognize when you need help, someone is just waiting for you to ask.

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1. 02-04-2009 22:56
Yea it takes courage to ask for help especially in small mater. Hence this may be one way of sharpning your leadership qualities. May be after few incidence we become more open and aldo be ready to help others.
Shankar Gurkha
2. 02-06-2009 15:05
A useful article, if only to remind us that we need to keep fear in check when it comes to learning and growing as productive members of the work force. Thanks for reminding us to reach out to our friends and fellow employees to help advance ourselves, and advance our ability to learn. Being ignorant is having the capacity to learn, being too fearful to recognize your own ignorance is just down right stupid.
Ron Kost

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